No Long-Term Contracts

Cancel service when ready. We don’t keep you tied into a long-term contract like the cable companies.

Better Value

Compare us with any of the other IPTV services like Youtube LIVE or SlingTv. They only supply 30 -50 channels starting at $40 per month.

Save Money

The only equipment you need to get started is an Amazon Firestick or any unlocked android BOX.

Why continue to let your current cable company keep you locked into a contract while charging you high rates?

Simply put, there is no reason. Cut the cable cord today and begin receiving over 500 channels of LIVE TV. The channels include Starz, HBO, Cinemax & NBA, NFL, MLB ticket channels to name a few! Also included is On-demand video for thousands of shows. There is no other service like Happy TV on the market. Sign up today!